Could coaching benefit you or your team professionally?

Being a manager can be tough. You have many demands on your time and need to communicate, collaborate and relate effectively with a range of personality types.

Coaching can help you identify where your struggles lie and provide a structured plan to overcome them, to learn and develop.

Teams also have their challenges. A few strong characters can throw the whole team off-balance, or a rickety management structure can make it hard for each member to know their role and work together towards a common goal.

Coaching at work can address these kinds of issues in a practical, results-orientated way:
• Dealing with stress and anxiety
• Communicating with skill and impact
• Dealing with challenging work situations
• Time management
• Procrastination – understanding your pattern of behaviour
• Prioritising and staying focused on the task
• Appreciating the job and your colleagues

My outdoor approach takes teams and individual managers and staff out of the confines of the office, and into London’s green spaces. The change of environment provides a change of perspective and the calming influence of nature allows individuals to think in a relaxed and creative way, helping you to come up with your own solutions.

If this sounds like it could help your team, email me for a free consultation.


Which programme is right for you and your team?

Offices can be complex environments so we’ll always begin with a free consultation to discuss your needs or the particular issues faced by your team. Then we can create a tailored programme that guarantees results.


1:1 Coaching

Ideal for time-pressed leaders and managers who’ve got a lot going on and want some guidance on dealing with time pressures, unhelpful habits of thinking, and communicating effectively.

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Karen has had a profound and positive impact on my life in just a few coaching sessions… walking and talking together outdoors – makes the whole process feel natural, relaxed and enjoyable.

- Mark Williamson, Director, Action for Happiness

Email me to organise a free consultation to discuss how coaching at work can benefit you and your team.

Team Coaching

If your team is lacking cohesion and you think they could work better together, we can take the whole team for a coaching session in a green space near your office.


Karen has now facilitated two awaydays for our campaigns team at the Trades Union Congress (TUC). It was a joy to work with Karen: as the team manager, I set out some initial objectives, and she worked up a plan for an awayday that more than met them. Karen’s style is inclusive, gentle and quiet, and she really created a space where we could talk about challenges in a deeper way, and focus on building strong relationships with one another. Unexpected things always happen on an awayday – Karen coped, flexed our agenda and made sure we could spend time where we needed it, while still meeting our objectives for the day. I would strongly recommend Karen as someone who can really enable reflection and deeper thinking.

- Antonia Bance, Head of Campaigns and Communications, TUC