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Coaching Sessions

Outdoors, in Victoria Park, East London – one of the UK’s top ten favourite parks (Green Flag Award).

Indoors, wherever you are, by video call or phone.

Making life changes, at work or in your personal life is a process so finding the right coach or mindfulness trainer is important. That’s why I offer new clients an initial free session designed to give you a taste of the coaching experience. If you’re exploring life coaching for your personal life we’ll have a coaching conversation so you can see:

– What coaching is
– What a direct coaching experience feels like
– How coaching can help you find new ways forward
– How I work as a coach and whether my approach suits you
– Which coaching programme is best for what you want to achieve

If you’re interested in coaching for work for yourself or your team, we’ll discuss your unique circumstances and which approach will work best for the challenges you face.

Mindfulness Consultations

If you’re interested in mindfulness programmes for work, the consultation will cover the details of your organisation and team, what their needs are and a discussion about the best mindfulness programme / intervention.

Free Resources

Tips on how to reduce and manage stress and anxiety; how to change your critical and harsh inner voice, and much more….

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