Are you ready to make some changes?


Your life’s ok on paper but you’re feeling stuck…

Perhaps your job is unfulfilling, you feel you’re missing out on opportunities, or something isn’t quite right in your relationship. You want a change and are ready to do the work, but you’re not sure what to change. Or how.

Maybe you’re a manager and your team needs some help with communication, or you’re under stress and want some time back so you can be a more efficient and empathetic leader.

As a life coach working in London’s natural green spaces (predominantly Victoria Park in East London), I can help you explore where you’re at right now, what you really want from your home and work life, and how to take small and sustainable steps to get there.

If you are not in East London, we can decide on a coaching programme for you in a different part of the city, or beyond.


I made an amazing breakthrough with Karen. I have tried several times with others (and continually by myself), to unpick my problems and resolve them and this is the first time I have understood how to actually make a genuine change. Thank you so much for revealing that – it’s so important; a seismic shift.

- Clare, London


"...the thing that struck me was having the conversation in a huge open space as opposed to a small contained one, it really makes a difference.”


The benefits of coaching outdoors in nature

I believe your personal questions and team-building are best tackled outdoors in nature.

Picture yourself walking through woodland, or a park. Between the fresh air and birdsong, chances are you’re relaxed. You’re more aware of your surroundings and your thoughts are clearer.

This is the mindset you need to reflect and gain insight into what’s going on for you right now. And the headspace that’ll help you gain a fresh perspective on things, and have new ideas on how to move forward.

Watch the video to learn more about my approach.

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